Plan your entire church calendar and have more time for in-person ministry with the church kit and video subscription. Get instant access to over 39 digital sermon kits that include videos, social graphics, sermon slides, planning guides, and more - all for just $199 (less than $4 a Sunday)! Plus, new content is added regularly - including sermon series kits for Christmas, Easter, and Back to Church Sunday!

39+ Scripture-Based Sermon Kits Include:

Sermon Series with matching web and social graphics

Matching web and social graphics

Sermon Series withn slide backgrounds for every kit

Sermon slide backgrounds for every kit

Sermon Series with over 56 videos

Over 56 videos

Sermon Series with event and social media planning guides

Event and social media planning guides

New kits are reguarly added!

National Back to Church Sunday Kits

Welcome to Church Videos

Advent/Christmas Kits

Featured Videos

Easter Church Kits

ONLY $199.00
(OVER $2600+ VALUE)

What Churches Have to Say:

From the use of God With Us:

"Every week during the series one or two people filled out Connection Cards stating they they either made a first time commitment to Christ or a recommitment to Christ."

Sermon Series Church Kit and Video Subscription Plan from
Sermon Series Church Kit and Video Subscription Plan from
Sermon Series Church Kit and Video Subscription Plan from

"The messages were received well and people said that the services touched their heart. How some needed more Joy, Peace, Hope and Love in their life. I know several people left the service better than when they came into the church. The messages touch them."

From the use of The Star:

"We just launched 8 months ago and during the Christmas season we saw growth from 20 to 70 adults. While so many churches have isolated ministries. "The Star" fought against that and allowed for us to find the unity we are commited to as a church.

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